build relationships

Our mission is to build lasting relationships that honor God that lead to transformation in Christ. It's why we're here!

We believe that the foundation of our mission is building relationships - between people and with God!  We believe that growth, healing, and transformation takes place in the context of those relationships.


Whether we're talking about our relationship with God or our relationships with one another, our goal is for those connections to bring honor to God.

Through intimacy with God, we hope to grow more like Him - to become better representatives of His love and grace!

Through unity and community within the church, we hope to honor God by becoming a living example of what it looks like when a community is transformed in Christ.  We strive to shine His light through humility and service.

transformation in christ

Ultimately we aspire to be a place where transformation happens!  Whether it is healing broken hearts or growing in spiritual strength and maturity, we hope to lead people in the way of Christ that leads to transformation!