Renovate.  We believe that the best is yet to come at Christ's Church.  God has been using this church to make an impact since 2000.  We have been able to make a difference in the lives of people here in Greenville and all over the world.  In 2003, God blessed us with the physical building where we are currently meeting.  For almost 13 years now, this building has served as a gathering place for a family of believers.  It has served as a launchpad for ministers and ministries.  It has served as a stage from which to share the Gospel.  This building has been a blessing not only to our congregation but to many who have never even set foot in it.

Now, 13 years later, it was time for us to renovate.  The building was in need of upgrades, upkeep and enhancements.  These changes will help us to continue striving toward a mission that has remained the same over the years - connecting people to Christ, the Church and the Community.  As we renovate a building, we pray that Christ's Church would be renovated as well - reinvigorated, renewed, reenergized and refocused.  We pray that this renovation would open the doors into our community so that God would use us to renovate hearts and minds.  We pray that our ministry would reach around the globe, so that God's word would be preached to people who have never heard it before.  Ultimately it is our prayer that our efforts would build up God's kingdom on earth and bring glory and honor to his name.  We believe that God can renovate - our hearts, our church and our world!